Ejaculation Guru Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

Did you know that 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation? That is what the doctors involved in sexual health estimate. Did you also know that premature ejaculation can cause a whole range of problems for men such as relationship issues, depression and anxiety?

It is a big problem but the good news is that if you are experiencing the problem you can do something about it. Few men want to admit that they have the problem as it is embarrassing. This is understandable, but your quality of life can be severely affected if you do not do something about your premature ejaculation problem.

Hi my name is Heraldo Cotto and today I bring you my Ejaculation Guru review. If you have a premature ejaculation problem then I urge you to read this review before you buy Ejaculation Guru. It may not be the right answer for you. (stop here)

I had a really bad premature ejaculation problem. It got so bad that I could not keep a girlfriend for more than a few days. They were all quick to tell me that they wanted a “real man” and not someone that could only last a couple of minutes in bed.

This was a devastating time for me. Not only was I worried about my premature ejaculation problem and not being able to last very long in bed, I was also concerned that some of my ex girlfriends would tell others about it and I would become a laughing stock.

My worst fears were realized when I found out that one girl had told all of her friends about my lack of performance and this was circulating around the bars in my area. In no time at all the news had reached some of my friends and I began to receive taunts from some of them.

I was getting text messages and calls about it. Somebody even wrote something about it on social media! This was agony for me and I became very depressed about the whole situation. Didn’t want to go to work because I knew that some people there knew about my problem. But I had to go to work and face the music.

I was very socially active up until this point and I just stopped going out. I would switch my phone off in the evening and avoid social media. I even became anxious about going to the grocery store in case I bumped into one of my so called friends there.

It got to the point where enough was enough. I knew that I had to do something about it and just overcome my embarrassment. I had no friends to discuss it with as they were all laughing at me so I arranged an appointment with my doctor.

Thankfully I have a male doctor. The thought of discussing this with a female doctor was more than I could bear. My doctor told me that the cause of my premature ejaculation was anxiety and depression. I was certainly depressed now but I wasn’t before. But he is a doctor right? So I trusted him.

He prescribed antidepressants for me at first. To cut a long story short these really didn’t help so I went back to see him. Basically everything that he prescribed failed and left me with side effects which I will tell you about later. I was in no mood to quit so I found another solution to my problem.

My Ejaculation Guru Book Review and why it is Important for You

The medication wasn’t working for me and I couldn’t handle the side effects to carry on with them. I always felt that there was another way to fix my premature ejaculation problem and so I went searching online for answers.

To my surprise there was a great deal of information about curing premature ejaculation out there. Spent hours going through many web sites and trying different techniques that they recommended. Maybe I was getting impatient but I wasn’t really moving any further forward with these suggestions.

I went looking on forums and purely by chance I stumbled across a post from a man that said he had experienced great results by using the techniques in a guide called “Ejaculation Guru”. I did a bit of digging and discovered that a professional sex coach and advisor had written the guide. His name was Jack Grave.

I thought that I might be able to get my hands on the Ejaculation Guru guide for nothing so I went to Google and typed in “Ejaculation Guru Guide Free Download”. The results that I got back were useless and there was no way that I was going to get the guide without paying for it.

So I went over to the official Ejaculation Guru website and watched the video. It was very enlightening. Jack Grave explained that it wasn’t my fault that I ejaculated quickly. Subconscious hardwiring causes men to do this and it dates back to when we used to live in caves.

In the cave days there were many dangers all around. Men wanted to impregnate women as fast as they could as they were always in fear of a dangerous animal showing up or another cave man wanting to have sex with his woman. Back then there was no civilization and it was every man for himself. This made total sense to me.

Grave went on to say that this “hardwiring” can be changed and he had discovered how to do this and had taught many others how to do it. He went from lasting seconds in bed to lasting 30 minutes and longer.

He claimed that he had discovered numerous methods to lasting longer in bed and that they were all completely natural. This was music to my ears after the nightmare I had experienced with medications.

The one thing that really got me excited about Ejaculation Guru was that once I had made the changes recommended they would last a lifetime. If you go down the medication route and find something that actually helps then you will have to purchase this medication for a long time.

All of the questions that I could think of were answered in the video. Questions like “does it actually work?”, “will I see quick results?”, “has it worked for other men?”, “does it involve any medications or special devices?” and “will anyone know that I have purchased it?” The last question was to avoid even more embarrassment than I had already.

So there was nothing else for it. I went ahead and made an Ejaculation Guru purchase. It is not expensive to buy Ejaculation Guru and there is a full 60 day money back guarantee so I went ahead and paid for it.

This Ejaculation Guru review is very different to most of the others that you will find online. Why? Because I actually purchased the product and used it that’s why. A lot of the other reviews are just copies of copies and the authors have never purchased the product let alone used it.

What’s Included with Ejaculation Guru

What’s Included with Ejaculation Guru
What’s Included with Ejaculation Guru

The first thing that impressed me about Ejaculation Guru was how much was included in the package. Not only did I get the 93 page Ejaculation Guru guide but there were also 4 very valuable bonuses included as well.

Let’s have a detailed look at the Ejaculation Guru guide first…

Right at the very beginning Grave tells you to set a goal. I have tried to set goals before and always found this difficult but the technique that he shares for goal setting here is really effective. He also emphasizes the fact that you should focus on one method at a time and not try to do everything at once.

Grave then explains that there are two main ways to cure premature ejaculation. These are the psychological and physical approach. The psychological approach is all about mastering the thought patterns in your mind so that you can gain control of your level of arousal. The physical approach section is incredibly powerful and the techniques easy to apply.

Next is the physical approach to ending premature ejaculation. These are physical techniques that you can use to last a lot longer in bed. There is an in depth look at arousal levels and then a technique you can use while masturbating that will make you last longer. This technique can then be used during intercourse so that you will last longer.

The next section is all about breathing. The way that you breathe during sex will control your arousal level. Grave explains how you can change your breathing pattern during sex to control your arousal and last longer. Simple but very powerful.

This is followed by a section on the PC muscle and how you can use it to remain at an arousal level for as long as you want without ejaculating. You can even use your PC muscle to stop you ejaculating altogether. If you are not sure what your PC muscle is and what it does then don’t worry because it is all covered here.

Do you want to know what to do during sex so that you will last much longer? Well you will learn this next. Grave explains that some sexual positions will make you ejaculate faster then others. Grave also explains the benefit of changing positions during sex. There are techniques to reduce stimulation and make sex last longer by slowing it all down.

Getting your partner to orgasm within seconds of having sex is something that all men will be interested in. Grave explains how to do this in detail and provides many techniques that can be used to whip a girl up into a frenzy before sex actually occurs.

The final section is all about getting harder erections. With a really hard erection you will find it difficult to ejaculate quickly. There are some great techniques here that are all natural and easy to apply.

So what about the bonuses?

Well when you visit the members area you will find a rapid stamina increase video which Jack Grave recommends that you watch first. It is around 38 minutes long and it is packed full of great advice.

The second bonus is “Last Longer During Foreplay” and provides sound advice on what to do and what not to do during foreplay so that you will not ejaculate at this stage of the proceedings.

Bonus 3 is “Multiple Orgasm Oral Sex” and it is all about how to give women oral sex that they will love so much they will absolutely adore you. Follow the advice in this guide and she will experience multiple orgasms.

The final bonus is “101 Sex Tips That Double Her Pleasure”. Jack Grave did not write this guide like the others but Lloyd Lester did. This is an easy read guide that provides some really great tips on making the sexual experience really great for her.

How does Ejaculation Guru Compare with Premature Ejaculation Alternatives?

OK I want to tell you how Ejaculation Guru compares to the “alternative” products that I used to cure my premature ejaculation. The first thing to say here is that you will only have to make a single Ejaculation Guru purchase . After you buy Ejaculation Guru then you will not have to spend any more money. This is not the case with alternatives.

I tried using Benzocaine condoms which were supposed to de-sensitize my penis. On average a box of these will cost $30 and although they helped a bit the results that I got were not great.

I also tried de-sensitizing creams and sprays. These cost around $35 each and they actually caused an irritation on my penis. Not great at all. Then I tried a cock ring and paid nearly $50 for a “high quality” one. It felt awful using it and the thought of wearing one of these forever was too much for me.

Finally there were the medications I was prescribed. Everything from antidepressants to Prozac and Viagra. A bottle of 30 tablets was around $80 and some of these caused me to have nausea which did nothing for my sexual performance as you can imagine.

The biggest problem with the alternatives is that they are a temporary solution. This means that you have to keep on spending money on them if you find something that actually works. Ejaculation Guru provides a permanent solution and there are definitely no side effects as everything is totally natural.

Ejaculation Guru Pros and Cons


  • Ejaculation Guru is really easy to read and all of the techniques are simple to apply
  • The techniques are proven to work and there is no requirement to purchase anything else
  • The results that you get with Ejaculation Guru are permanent
  • All of the techniques are totally natural so there is no chance of side effects
  • Ejaculation Guru is reasonably priced and there is a full 60 day money back guarantee


  • It does take some effort and persistence to master the techniques
  • The Ejaculation Guru guide is only available in PDF format and not video or audio format

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The Results that I Achieved using Ejaculation Guru

For the most part I followed the Ejaculation Guru guide in the order that it was presented. I figured that starting with the psychological stuff made a lot of sense so I focused on these techniques first.

I did not have a girlfriend at the time so I used masturbation. By reading and applying the psychological techniques I managed to go from my usual 1 minute masturbation sessions to lasting over 8 minutes in just over a week!

I progressed to the physical methods and in just over two weeks I went from an 8 minute masturbation session to a 15 minute masturbation session. Then I went on to the breathing and PC muscle techniques and in just under a month I was lasting 20 minutes and more.

It was now time to find a girl to really test this out on. It took me about three weeks to find a new girlfriend and we didn’t have sex right away. I had studied the techniques in the “last longer during sex” section and couldn’t wait to try them out. So I went for the techniques in the “how to make her orgasm quickly” section and this really paid off.

We finally had sex and I lasted 23 minutes. She had several orgasms and I finally felt like a real man. What a transformation this was from what I used to be.

Conclusion – I am Delighted with Ejaculation Guru

In this Ejaculation Guru review I have been upfront with you about everything. You will never find another Ejaculation Guru book review like this one. The techniques in this guide make total sense and are so simple to implement.

Ejaculation Guru has changed my life and I know it will change yours too if you are suffering with premature ejaculation. If you go through the guide and apply the natural techniques you are very likely to see similar results to what I did.

I strongly recommend Ejaculation Guru and you can visit the official coupon website here to find out more. You will never regret it.

Thank you for reading my Ejaculation Guru review and I hope that I have answered all of the questions that you have about this product. If you still have a question then please leave a comment below.

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